The International Association of Consumer Law was founded as a bi-lingual association to foster learning and debate on consumer issues and law. It is an association primarily for academics; one that engages with the wider community and has a long tradition of inviting those from that wider community to participate in its conferences.

The IACL conferences which are held once every two years in different parts of the world have hosted judges, regulators, legal practitioners, bureaucrats, bankers, business groups and consumer organizations

The goal of the IACL is to develop research networks and stimulate research and joint research projects in the area of consumer law and policy and consumer relations, covering all regions of the world.

Co-operation between government institutions, universities, consumer organisations and individual experts is supported, in order to develop research and teaching of consumer law.


L’Association Internationale de Droit de la Consommation est née de la volonté de créer des liens en développant une réflexion et des actions de recherche communes sur l’évolution des rapports de consommation et leur formalisation juridique dans différentes régions du monde.

La coopération entre institutions, universités, organisations de consommateurs et experts est souhaitée en vue de permettre et encourager la recherche et l’enseignement relevant du droit de la consommation.