Warm welcome to the International Association of Consumer Law newsletter page.

Our newsletters cover a range of items including, the news from the jurisdiction, conferences, journals, call for papers and articles. The purpose of the newsletter is to keep members up to date with the latest developments in our association and across the world.

The newsletter is compiled by Serkan Kaya with the help of Christine Riefa. Please feel free to send your news items via email to [email protected].

Our most recent edition focusses on the measures adopted to protect consumers during the pandemic. It builds on the content covered by our online conference: – our thanks to the contributors for our special ‘Coronavirus and consumer rights’ newsletter. Discover what is happening in a number of jurisdiction: scams, poor practices such as price gouging, refusal to refund for services not received, etc. What are consumer law enforcers doing to help consumers? Did governments intervene, passed legislation that will assist consumers? How are consumer associations mobilising to help? Were there any good practices? Find out in the NOVEMBER 2020 newsletter.