Next face to face IACL conference announced for 2023, in Hamburg

Next IACL conference announced.

The 18th World Consumer Law Conference of the International Association of Consumer Law (IACL) will take place in Hamburg from 19.07. to 21.07.2023 at the Rudolf Steiner Haus and carry the title „Challenges and Unanswered Questions of Consumer Law„.

IACL conferences are held every two years and mostly hosted by universities. The hosting countries are deliberately chosen from the Global South as well as the Global North. The last conferences were held in the USA (2019), Brazil (2017), the Netherlands (2015), Australia (2013), UK (2011), India (2009), New Zealand (2007) and South Africa (2005).

The IACL promotes debates on consumer protection and consumer law. Conference attendees include university lecturers, judges, lawyers and representatives of regulatory authorities, banks, business groups and consumer organisations. The conferences are open to all interested parties, not only to members of academic and non-academic consumer research and educational institutions.

The aim of the IACL is to develop research networks and stimulate joint research projects in the area of consumer law, consumer policy and consumer relations. This includes supporting government institutions, universities, consumer organisations and experts.

The conference will be hosted by the IACL Executive Committee (chaired by Prof. Michelle Louw, Cape Town) in cooperation with a local executive committee led by Dr. Sally Peters and Prof. Udo Reifner.

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Forthcoming conference you may be interested in…

Consumer Protection in Transition: Digital Transformation and Better Enforcement 

23-25 September 2021, online/onsite hybrid conference

Participation is free, but a registration is needed. Please find the registration page here and the LinkedIn announcement here.

This event features academics with close links to the IACL including Prof Geraint Howells and Mateja Durovic. have a look at the great programme:

Next newsletter… send us your contributions

In order to keep you all up-to-date with developments in the many jurisdictions represented in the IACL, we will assemble the next newsletter in April 2021. Can all members send the following items, to [email protected]

– short reports on consumer law reforms in your jurisdiction 

– short reports on key cases in your jurisdiction

– events, seminars, conferences

– books, articles and other publications (preferably with abstracts)

All content in English or French please and up to 500 words.

For any items that may not be able to wait that long, you can contact us to post on our website  or our Facebook page  or Twitter @iacl_net

Want to diversify your reading list? A fantastic new initiative…

A great initiative from fellow consumer academics, under the impulsion of Dr Christine Riefa, one of our board members, has led to the development of a new free database to help all of us involved in consumer law teaching. The database was created thanks to the hard work of Joasia Lusak and the commitment of a number of members of the Female Consumer Law Collective. So far the databased is focussed on UK/EU scholarship, but the team hopes that it will inspire other localised initiatives… If you want to diversify your reading lists and include high profile female scholarship, check ZOTERO and search for Female Consumer Law Collective.:

The team welcomes suggestions for new scholarship to be added. The database is organised as a teaching course – with week by week reading. Any comments, or congratulations gratefully received by the organisers! Email: [email protected]

The full team is composed of: Christine Riefa, Joasia Lusak, Charlotte Pavillon, Vanessa Mak, Andrea Fejos and Kristin Nemeth.

last workshop of the series – 1st dec 2020

Chair: Geraint Howells.


Anat Rosenberg, Senior lecturer at the Radzyner Law School, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Israel, “Cultural legal history of advertising in Britain c. 1840-1914”

Marie-Eve Arbour, Professor, University of Laval, “Canadian perspectives on product safety

Luke Nottage, Professor, University of Sydney, “Improving the Effectiveness of the Consumer Safety System: Australian Reform in Asia-Pacific Context” (because of the time zone difference, Prof. Nottage will not be participating live. You can see his presentation at: Please send any reactions to [email protected]).

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Seminar 2 Autumn 2020 3 November 2020 13.00 (UK) – Zoom details sent nearer the time via email (register for our newsletter).

Jacolien Barnard, Associate professor at the University of Pretoria and attorney at law, South Africa and Emilia Miscenic, Associate Professor, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law, “Online consumer transactions and redress: A comparison with EU and SA consumer protection”.

Maria Lorena Flórez Rojas, Profesora Asistente, Universidad de los Andes, Columbia, “The spike of digital platforms in Colombia: a consumer-centric vision”.

Aneta Wiewiorowska Senior Researcher at the European Legal Studies Institute – Department for European Legal History and European Union Private Law at the Osnabrück University, “Have we missed the tipping point? On making the EU legal system”.