Personal Insolvency Conference

Personal Insolvency Conference: 7-9 September 2016 – Brisbane Australia

Final date for submission of abstracts: 7 March 2016

In 2016, the Insolvency & Restructuring group within the Queensland

University of Technology’s Commercial and Property Law Research Centre

will be hosting their first international conference.  While the current

focus in much insolvency scholarship or commentary is upon salvaging

economic value for large businesses facing financial collapse, the harsh

reality is that many more people experience financial stress as

over-indebted consumers or Œowners¹ of micro/small/medium sized


The conference will provide a forum for scholars and policy-makers to

discuss and present on the human experience of bankruptcy.

Key note addresses will be delivered by Professor Jay L. Westbrook, Benno

C. Schmidt Chair of Business Law, The University of Texas at Austin, and

Professor Iain Ramsay, Professor of Law, University of Kent.

Themes to be discussed at the conference include:

– Fresh start: rhetoric or reality?

– Policy tensions: fresh start v commercial certainty

– Personal insolvency law reform

– Alternatives to bankruptcy

– Multi-disciplinary insights

– Comparative approaches

– Lenders¹ perspectives

– Human rights

– The health effects of over-indebtedness

Our themes are deliberately broad and we welcome abstracts from all

disciplines and areas of expertise examining issues surrounding natural

person insolvency.

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