Next face to face IACL conference announced for 2023, in Hamburg

Next IACL conference announced.

The 18th World Consumer Law Conference of the International Association of Consumer Law (IACL) will take place in Hamburg from 19.07. to 21.07.2023 at the Rudolf Steiner Haus and carry the title „Challenges and Unanswered Questions of Consumer Law„.

IACL conferences are held every two years and mostly hosted by universities. The hosting countries are deliberately chosen from the Global South as well as the Global North. The last conferences were held in the USA (2019), Brazil (2017), the Netherlands (2015), Australia (2013), UK (2011), India (2009), New Zealand (2007) and South Africa (2005).

The IACL promotes debates on consumer protection and consumer law. Conference attendees include university lecturers, judges, lawyers and representatives of regulatory authorities, banks, business groups and consumer organisations. The conferences are open to all interested parties, not only to members of academic and non-academic consumer research and educational institutions.

The aim of the IACL is to develop research networks and stimulate joint research projects in the area of consumer law, consumer policy and consumer relations. This includes supporting government institutions, universities, consumer organisations and experts.

The conference will be hosted by the IACL Executive Committee (chaired by Prof. Michelle Louw, Cape Town) in cooperation with a local executive committee led by Dr. Sally Peters and Prof. Udo Reifner.

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